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Welcome to The HYDE Blog!

I tried to do a regular "About Us" type page and that really doesn't work for me so instead I will do a series of blog and vlogs that highlight who we are and why we do what we do. For a start though...

HYDE Artisan Leather is all about bringing style, quality, and conscience into fashion!

The products we at HYDE Artisan Leather sell are specifically selected for their impact on the lives of the artisans who create them. By giving these products access to the world market we create opportunities that could never be imagined otherwise. Opportunities that are life changing!


In 2011 I made my first trip to India. While there I spent two weeks with a Canadian family who moved to India to 15 years prior in an attempt to build a company that would engage local artisans to create products that could be sold in North America. Their motive was not monetary based but rather they saw an opportunity to tangibly improve the lives of the people they were connecting with. An idea I like to call engagement entrepreneurship where success is measured less on profits and more on the number of people you can effectively employ.

That's me, in the picture above, working along side the workers in their factory. That day we were making wood covered journals, I remember how in awe I was at how fast and efficient these guys were and how they really committed to the quality of what they were making. They really put a piece of themselves into their work. (Side Note: I don't think any of mine actually passed quality control lol) Although several years have passed I have never forgotten the impact working along side these men had on me. They worked hard and held such a gratitude for the opportunity given them. It was an honour to be with them and they worked with passion and pride and I knew even back then that I would reconnect at a later date.

This past spring my path again crossed with one of the owners of the same company where I learned that they had now expanded to a second factory. This one making leather goods for sale in North America. I knew I had to play a part in supporting this new opportunity and thus was born Hyde Artisan Leather. A company that will use quality hand made leather goods to improve the lives of men and women that with out this company would have no market for the goods they make. A company that allows men the pride of providing for their families, being able to afford healthy meals and sending their kids to school.

And so I invite you to be a part of a small piece to change the world. 

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